FIS has developed supportive relationships and strong partnerships with the leading Information Security providers. This dynamic alliance allows FIS to not only be up- to-date in current networking technologies, but also creates a ready network of capable companies that FIS can turn to for IT Security solutions for its clients.

Founded in 2004, CoSoSys develops award-winning Data Loss Prevention solution for Windows, macOS and Linux. The on-premise full Data Loss Prevention for Enterprise & SMBs. DLP for Enterprise & SMBs. available as hardware & virtual appliance, or as cloud.

QNAP Systems, is corporation that specializes in Network attached storage (NAS), appliances used for file sharing, virtualization, storage management and surveillance applications. QNAP has offices in 16 countries and employs over 1000 people around the world.

Thales eSecurity is the leader in advanced data security solutions and services, delivering trust wherever information is created, shared or stored. Thales ensure that company and government data is secure and trusted in any environment – on premise, in the cloud, in data centers and in big data environments – without sacrificing business agility.

Acronis International GmbH, simply referred to as Acronis, is a global technology company with its corporate headquarters and global headquarters in Singapore. Acronis develops on-premises and cloud software for backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync, share, and data access. Acronis has 18 offices worldwide Acronis has Cloud data centers around the world.

Kaspersky Lab is an international group that operates in about 200 countries around the world. The company headquartered in Moscow, Russia, where it oversees operations and business development globally. Kaspersky Lab employs more than 2,400 qualified and qualified experts. The company also has offices in 30 countries, and its products and technologies provide protection to more than 300 million users and more than 200,000 companies worldwide. In addition, the company provides a wide range of products and solutions for various customer groups, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and home users.