FIS security services help an organization to understand and eliminate security risks from the perspectives of computers, people, and processes. From definition and assessment of issues through design and implementation of security solutions to audit and maintenance of security infrastructure


FIS security services help an organization to understand and eliminate security risks from perspectives of computers, people and processes.

Payment Transactions Encryption

Solutions from Thales address today's payments industry security challenges, delivering trust wherever payment data is created, shared or stored. From initial payment card issuance to transaction processing requirements, Thales' payment security solutions protect the confidentiality and integrity of transactions. Thales is securing the digital transformation of the payments industry by supporting all major payment applications including technologies such as host card emulation, secure element provisioning, mobile point of sale (POS) and mobile payments security, Thales payment security solutions are used in an estimated 80% of payment card transactions worldwide.


A sandbox is a system for malware detection that runs a suspicious object in a virtual machine (VM) with a fully-featured OS and detects the object’s malicious activity by analyzing its behavior. If the object performs malicious actions in a VM, the sandbox detects it as malware. VMs are isolated from the real business infrastructure. Sandboxes analyze the behavior of an object as it executes, which makes them effective against malware that escapes static analysis. At the same time, compared to other behavior analysis designs, a sandbox is safer as it doesn’t risk running a suspicious object in the real business infrastructure.

Data Loss Prevention

Securing the confidential data is essential for every corporate. At FIS, we will build up a strategy for making sure that Reduce the risk of sensitive data being accidentally or intentionally sent out of the organization without disrupting users. Our solutions control portable storage devices and create security policies that address the needs of your organization.

Data Security and Encryption

With the Data Security Platform from Thales, IT organizations can address their security objectives and compliance mandates in a number of systems and environments. Whether you’re looking to guard against abuse by privileged users, encrypt sensitive data in a database, or address your compliance mandates in the cloud, Thales can help. Browse the content below to learn more about how Thales data security solutions can be applied where you need them most.

End Point Protection

Endpoint security is the practice of protecting enterprise networks against threats originating from on-premises or remote devices. An endpoint is any device that provides an entry point to corporate assets and applications and represents a potential cybersecurity vulnerability. Examples include desktops, laptops, servers, workstations, smartphones and tablets. A complete defense-in-depth endpoint security strategy includes five key endpoint security and management measures:

Endpoint detection and response (EDR)

tools to proactively identify and investigate suspicious activity on endpoint devices. Most EDR solutions continuously monitor, record and analyze endpoint events, helping IT and security professionals efficiently detect and mitigate advanced threats.

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Antivirus and next-generation antivirus protection solutions

to prevent, detect and remove various forms of malware aditional antivirus programs use signature and heuristic techniques to identify and remove unwanted programs. Next-generation antivirus protection (NGAV) solutions use analytics and machine learning to defend against cutting-edge attacks such as ransomware and advanced phishing that can elude conventional antivirus programs.

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Operating system patching to mitigate

common vulnerabilities and exposure (CVE). All leading operating system vendors routinely issue software updates to address known security issues. Enterprise IT and security organizations can reduce risk by instituting automatic O.S. updates and implementing other systems and practices to ensure all corporate PCs, servers and mobile devices are running the latest operating system releases.

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Application patching

to eliminate security risks associated with individual software applications. Organizations can improve their security posture by ensuring all enterprise desktop, server and mobile apps are up-to-date. According to one study, 90% of production applications use a library with a known CVE.

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Privilege management

to grant users and processes the bare minimum set of entitlements they need to perform their required tasks. Also known as the principle of least privilege (POLP), privilege management removes local admin rights on servers and personal computers, restricting access privileges to authorized users and applications to reduce risk.

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Backup and Disaster Recovery

Because IT outages are notoriously costly. Data backup and recovery offered by will ensure that organizations can resume operations almost immediately after a network failure. Both data backup and recovery have the same goals, and that is to ensure business continuity. FIS in Partnership with many international vendors will help you design and implement a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution that focuses on prioritizing and protecting your most critical data, in alignment with your budget and operational workflow. We’ll help you decide how each product fits into your current business processes. This incorporates how to best-protect, prioritize, backup, and store your most valuable assets such as databases, files, and other shared resources.

ERP & Software Solutions

FIS can provide management of the full software life cycle, starting with the early stages of specification, continuing through testing, implementation, and ongoing maintenance. FIS can bring strong software development, project management skills, and in-depth experience to any software development project.

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